Julie’s Chapter, 2017 Senior Photography, Cincinnati, Ohio

When I met Julie I was shocked by my own vanity.

I was giddy as I photographed her because, well, as you can see, she’s gorgeous.

But not only is she a beauty, she’s a survivor.

She’s found a way to transform her greatest handicap into her most valuable strength: gratitude.

I know the doctors say that Julie has trouble with her eyes, but to me, she has a flawless point of view.

It’s with great admiration that I share this chapter of Julie’s story…

I almost went blind when I was 10.

I just wanted to know, why me? 

Submersed in the world of the sick during my hospital visits-

I saw the blind, I saw the children with Down syndrome, I saw the children with cancer.

My situation was nothing compared to that.

I decided to let my anger and frustration go. 

I realized it was futile.

 To this day I am not cured…but I am better.

I am grateful to have learned what I did- to find the positive in every situation.

Over time as I’ve encountered more people, my first impressions were proven wrong time and time again.

There is always something I end up liking about people.

Because people are inherently good I suppose.

In the end, truth is the best answer.

And smiling is the easiest way to spread kindness…