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Winter in Ohio…

When I was 5 years old I jumped into a hole that I couldn’t get out of. The fire truck had to come and my momRead More »

We felt like children

My grandmother passed away. She was my father’s mother. I didn’t know her very well. The truth is, I have aRead More »

Looking Back…

The older I get the longer the road becomes. And can I look back. And the paths that were winding, seem straighter. TheRead More »


For me, growing up was a lot like the ocean. I was born and raised in Florida and the salty air still hangs in myRead More »

Be somebody…

When I was 12 years old my father showed up at our little house on Watervliet and I can’t remember why. IRead More »


I remember spending the weekend in the mental ward at Miami Valley Hospital. I was suicidal. And really it wasn’tRead More »

All the pretty dresses…

When I was a little girl I did not have a daddy. I did not get spun or twirled and when I put on my pretty dresses IRead More »