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Year of the Purple Dinosaur, New Years Eve 2015

As the new year approaches I am reflecting on 2015 via Instagram and Facebook timelines. And I am lol’ing at thisRead More »

Happy New Year! From the Swift Family

We all partied pretty hard last night… So we rang in the New Year with lazy laying, and puppy snuggles. NotRead More »

Dig in…

Our kids are dirty. Like sometimes we forget to take baths for days dirty. Like something smells and it’sRead More »

This Christmas…

Get wrapped up in His love.Read More »

An Invitation

My son David put it best, He’s the light that never blows out… This Christmas, Let Jesus fill all yourRead More »

She’s Daisies

my Mama she’s daisies she bends down low you can cover her in concrete she’ll find a way to grow in betweenRead More »