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Interview with Caylee Jo

Interview with my 5 year old niece, Caylee Jo.Read More »

Sleepover with Eliana, the Morning After

When us girls get together, we really know how to let our hair down…Read More »

Snow Day, Springboro,Ohio 2015

When we get a snow day… the pond freezes over… and there’s no ice skating allowed… (orRead More »

Happy New Year! From the Swift Family

We all partied pretty hard last night… So we rang in the New Year with lazy laying, and puppy snuggles. NotRead More »

A Sugar and a Maple and a Sausage…

Is there anything better than pancakes in the morning? What else can summon us to the table tops?  Fill us with joyRead More »


My daughter is a light.Read More »

How to fly

Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something. Unless you’re God. Or a police officer.Read More »