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The Fink Family at Home, Clayton, Ohio

The Finks are old friends but they feel like family. We’ve all known each other since Jenna and I had differentRead More »

Boogers, Homemade Haircuts, and Why I Don’t Want To Take Pictures of Your Trendy Family

The truth is, I don’t want to take pictures of you and your trendy family in a field somewhere. Not thatRead More »

Sarah and Jared, (a blended) Family Session, 2016

I’m not gonna lie, when a photographer asks me to take their pictures, I feel pretty awesome. Like maybe somebodyRead More »

Brittany’s Story

Maybe the best way to show the loneliness and shame, the stigma of postpartum depression was to pretend that itRead More »

Wilson Family at Home, Belmont, OH

The Wilson’s are blessed. With talent and beauty, babies and dogs. Jessica is an Adoption Case worker and JasonRead More »

Palmers Family, Fall 2015, Dayton Ohio

Gary and Brenda Palmer come from small beginnings. Together they are writing a new story. Brenda is a dentist and GaryRead More »

ROYGNewborns, Baby Claire, Kettering, Ohio

The Donohoos are big hearts growing. Parents filling up with love like balloons and expanding in ways they never knewRead More »

The K’s, Benhams Grove, Centerville, Ohio

The K’s (Kevin, Kelly, Keegan and Katharine) are silly. They are bright with laughter and dreams. Dreams forRead More »

Levier Family, Springboro Ohio, Summer 2015

The name Jason Levier brings to mind a shy, lanky 7th grade boy. I didn’t know Jason very well in middle schoolRead More »