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Ella Mae turns 10, Skating Rinks, Black Lights and Memories Made in the Dark

Ella Mae turned 10 this year. Ella and her family are those effortless kind of friends- the kind we can go withoutRead More »

Brittany’s Story

Maybe the best way to show the loneliness and shame, the stigma of postpartum depression was to pretend that itRead More »

Interview with Caylee Jo

Interview with my 5 year old niece, Caylee Jo.Read More »

RoyGKIDS, Aubrey Elizabeth, On her Birthday…

Aubrey Elizabeth on her 4th birthday. (I want to take pictures of all my friends babies…wouldn’t you?)Read More »

RoyGKids, Ezekiel Lee and Caylee Jo in Autumn, Bellbrook, Ohio

I know I’m biased, but my nephew Ezekiel Lee is just ridiculous. He brings smiles and light wherever heRead More »