The girl behind the guy

Here’s the part where I’m supposed to tell you all about myself,

listing off hobbies, favorite colors, coffee drinks and the names of my children.

Then I tell you how much I love photography and maybe share some credentials (which I don’t have)

until I convince you that I’m the right photographer for you.

(Insert black and white lifestyle photograph of me holding my camera here).

I’m supposed to make you feel comfortable and connected, like we are long lost friends.

But I’ve never been good with first impressions.

Most of my best friends didn’t care for me when we first met.

I’m too intense, too bold, too loud and downright rude at times.

(I never learned how to lie).

Thankfully, my friends, whether forced by circumstances or by the hand of the Almighty God,

grew to love me, and forgive me of my annoying big mouth.

(Now they just roll their eyes and laugh).

So at the risk scaring you away, (or offending you somehow)

I’ll just be my intense self and share with you a few of my favorite posts.

Hopefully they will give you a better feel for who I am than any awkward attempts to be approachable…

Year of the Purple Dinosaur, New Years Eve 2015

As the new year approaches I am reflecting on 2015 via Instagram and Facebook timelines. And I am lol’ing at thisRead More »

The Dressing Room

I once was afraid of the dressing room, the things I could not fit into. The lights, the mirrors, theRead More »

Trash bags and more than enough…

There is something empowering about getting rid of toys. It’s like a proclamation. A declaration for my childrenRead More »

10 Year Anniversary, The Swifts, Geneva at The Lake, Ohio

This year makes ten. Ten years of I do’s and I don’ts and I probably should anyways. The longer we areRead More »

A Little Thanksgiving…

Today I went to Starbucks to waste my daily three dollars on a drink and sanity. A car of three teenage girls tried toRead More »


For me, growing up was a lot like the ocean. I was born and raised in Florida and the salty air still hangs in myRead More »

We felt like children

My grandmother passed away. She was my father’s mother. I didn’t know her very well. The truth is, I have aRead More »

Remembering Ed, 1 year later, Hillsboro, OH

On Sunday we remembered Ed. It’s been a year since he left us and we’ve had much time to think. Of bearRead More »

The meaning of life.

Has anyone ever really been convinced by a bumper sticker? Or been changed by a church sign? Can a facebook commentRead More »


It was easy to see that cigarettes would kill me until I was nic’n for a smoke. And to have a candy bar until IRead More »

Such Small Details…Remembering Ed

Today I am thinking about Ed, maybe because it’s Tuesday. It was a Tuesday when I opened that door a few yearsRead More »


I remember spending the weekend in the mental ward at Miami Valley Hospital. I was suicidal. And really it wasn’tRead More »

All the pretty dresses…

When I was a little girl I did not have a daddy. I did not get spun or twirled and when I put on my pretty dresses IRead More »

When Morning Comes

My husband and I have a beautiful story of how we met and fell in love and eventually- very swiftly, gotRead More »

Get a Wall…

After New Year’s, we dragged up boxes from the basement. Boxes cramped and overflowing with all the kid’sRead More »