Who’s this Roy guy?

If a rainbow were a man his name would be Roy G Biv:


Roy would be over the top.

Dressing in mismatched and patterned paisley suits, suede shoes- he’d have all kinds of fun hats to match.

He would live in a trailer park in Central Florida somewhere,

with a little yard full of those plastic pink flamingoes.

He’d know the names of all his neighbors, their favorites colors and candy bars too.

He’d have the best laugh in the world.

He’d go shopping at Walmart and talk to the door greeters and all the people standing in line too.

He’d hand out Slurpees and Fun Dip to mean people.

He’d blow balloon animals for the really mean ones.

Roy wouldn’t read the newspaper because he’d get bored by all the black and white.

Instead he’d read maps and billboard signs and people’s faces.

And He’d take lots of pictures.

Roy would dance whenever it rained, making sure to take his shoes off first.

He’d want to know what wet grass feels like,

how slippery concrete gets and how mud squishes in between his toes.

Not wishing for clear skies and sunshine,

Roy would find himself there, underneath the stormy light.

I am Katie Swift-

sister daughter wife mother writer photographer musician lover of Christ.

I want to be like Roy.

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